Overview in English

FrauenSTÄRKEN im Quartier („Empowering Women in the Neighborhood“) offers meeting points for women of different backgrounds in Freiburg. Unfortunately, however, in June 2012 funding for the program was discontinued. As of July 2012, seven of the original ten meeting points remain open: Haslach, Stühlinger, Zähringen and Littenweiler. Alternatives for long-term funding of the program are in the process of being discussed.

FrauenSTÄRKEN’s goal is to start conversations, brainstorm ideas and create local networks — with a central focus on personal and professional development. A responsible group coordinator, who herself has an immigrant background, is the contact person on-site.

FrauenSTÄRKEN provides a framework for personal growth, professional development and/or the planning of your professional (re-)entry into the workforce. At FrauenSTÄRKEN gatherings, you can share experiences, exchange ideas, drink tea together and make new contacts. There is both space and opportunity to begin realizing your own ideas in concrete form. The offerings of each meeting place will be inspired by and based upon the suggestions, questions and wishes of the group’s participants.

Child care is offered during the opening hours noted for each FrauenSTÄRKEN location. Participation in FrauenSTÄRKEN-sponsored courses, trainings, events, lectures, etc. is typically free.

You are most welcome to join us! Our meeting locations are listed by neighborhood on the page „Treffpunkte“.